Why high-potential tech start-ups should master Agile to survive?

This article was previously publishied on Linkedin About Martijn Martens: I’m a Head-of-product for 25Friday and we help digital start-ups and scale-ups succeed. Our weapon of choice…. Product Management. I want to share my experiences and views as a Product Owner, having worked in both larger tech scale-ups and smaller tech start-ups. Interested? Feel free to connect. Never, ever,…
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scalability and growth for startups and scaleups

Top scalability challenges to overcome for digital startups and scaleups

At 25Friday, we help digital start-ups and scale-ups succeed. With almost any of our new customers, we start off with a “scalability scan”. The goal of this scalability scan, is to find “inhibitors for scale”. We have effectively done 20+ scalability scans at digital/tech start-ups and scale-ups of varying size. It’s time to share the…
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